ISGS in the News

Aquifer protection group sets forum in Clinton

Sen. Chapin Rose, R-Mahomet, has formed a Clinton Landfill Working Group to step up oversight of the landfill. The working group includes representatives from  Illinois State Water Survey and Illinois State Geological Survey as well as other government agencies.

Fracking makes its debut in Illinois under strictest regulatory laws in the US

Robert Bauer, principal engineering geologist at the Illinois State Geological Survey, said studies have been done on the east coast to determine the effects on water supplies.

Carbon Storage Studies Grapple with Politics, Geology

Hannes Leetaru and Robert Finley of the Advanced Energy Technology Initiative section talk about carbon sequestration and the potential impacts of offshore carbon storage.

Illinois hydraulic fracking bill becomes law

After a nearly unanimous vote by the Illinois legislature, on June 17, 2013, Governor Pat Quinn signed the Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act ("HFRA") into law. The ISGS, along with the Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS), the State Fire Marshal, and the Illinois EPA will assist the Department of Natural Resources regarding investigation of alleged violations.

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Public's tone has changed on FutureGen 2.0

Staff member C. Pius Weibel demonstrates to Morgan County Commissioner Dick Rawlings the porosity of a rock during a FutureGen workshop at Jacksonville High School Tuesday.

Breaking down the science behind sinkholes

In relation to a 20-foot diameter sinkhole developed on Chicago's South Side, ISGS Geologist, Samuel Panno, talks about the science behind sinkholes that occur in urban areas.

A conversation with an ISGS geologist about the local water supply

Andrew Stumpf, Associate Quaternary Geologist at ISGS, talks about various issues pertaining to the water supply in East Central Illinois.

Merrick Utilizes LiDAR in Large Sinkhole Plain

Merrick & Company collected and processed light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data for the Illinois Sinkhole Plain within Monroe, Randolph, and St. Clair Counties in East St. Louis, IL. The data collection effort was critical in producing accurate, realistic terrain for ISGS.

Small quake strikes region

The 2.7 magnitude earthquake was centered near the county line, about 10 miles east and north of Benton, Illinois State Geological Survey engineering geologist Bob Bauer said.

Sinkholes can occur in suburbs, but less severely

In the aftermath of a sinkhole-related tragedy in Florida, ISGS Geologist, C. Pius Wiebel, and Bill Prigge, principal of Midland Standard Engineering and Testing in East Dundee talk about the likelihood of sinkholes in Illinois.