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Carbon dioxide storage is focus of new center's mission

Edward Mehnert, a senior geohydrologist, and Scott Frailey, a senior reservoir engineer, say the center's mission is to help better understand the location and distribution of carbon dioxide after it is pumped into the subsurface of the Earth.

How high did you climb today?

ISGS is a source for elevation statistics in the state of Illinois. For more information on high and low points in Illinois, visit

Universities Get Financial Boost For CO2 Storage Research

The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory has selected nine projects to receive funding to research carbon dioxide storage intelligent monitoring systems and well integrity.

DOE Funds Coal Research and Carbon Storage Projects

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) announced on August 17 that it will dole out a total of almost $17 million to research new CO2storage technologies through DOE’s Carbon Storage Program.

DOE Selects Nine Projects to Receive Funding for Carbon Storage Intelligent Monitoring and Well Integrity and Mitigation Research

The Illinois Basin–Decatur Project is one of the projects selected to receive funding from The U.S. Department of Energy.

Source: EIN Newsdesk

Illinois Is A Sinkhole State: Largest Hole In North America in Southern Illinois

Bill Wheelhouse of NPR Illinois discussed sinkholes in the state with Sam Panno of the Illinois State Geological Survey.

Source: WUIS 91.9

Could there be a mine below your house?

"Homeowners, developers and city planners can at least determine where those mines are located, using maps such as that provided by the Illinois State Geological Survey at since 2010."

iSEE Launches Research Website: Water at Illinois

The Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE) is proud to announce it has launched a new website to coalesce the dozens of water scholars on the University of Illinois’ Urbana-Champaign campus.

Geologist Rob Finley Talks About FutureGen

Illinois Public Media spoke with Finley, director of the Advanced Energy Technology Initiative about funding cuts to carbon capture.

Climate: Carbon capture test reaches milestone

The Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium, led by the Illinois State Geological Survey, is evaluating options for the 60,000-square-mile Illinois Basin