ISGS in the News

Richland looks ahead to future carbon storage research

Decatur's Richland Community College has prepared for the proposed CarbonSAFE CO2 storage project by developing a Carbon Capture and Storage curriculum for students.

Cave Formations Carry Clues About Ancient Earthquakes

While exploring a pair of Illinois caves, Samuel Panno noticed a peculiar thing: some of the stalagmites had smaller, neighboring growths that were lighter in color...

Park board OKs carbon study

The Decatur Park District Board of Commissioners expressed support for a ISGS grant application that could bring a second, larger carbon capture and storage project to the area.


What can be learned from 3-D mapping of groundwater?

ISGS Director Richard Berg discusses how 3-D geological mapping is helping Illinois counties make better development decisions.

How Common Are Earthquakes In Central Illinois?

How common are earthquakes in Illinois? Find out with ISGS Geologist, Tim Larson, and WILL.

Aerial Photos Of Chicago From The 1930s

The original silver nitrate film negatives are gone, destroyed by the National Archives in the early 1980s because they had deteriorated. Illinois State Geological Survey took on an initiative to digitally scan them.

Officials say west Danville sinkhole above mine shaft

Officials say west Danville sinkhole above mine shaft: An 8 feet by 10 feet sinkhole is "not a mine shaft but is pit subsidence resulting from an underlying mine", according to IDNR.

Carbon storage revenue studied

Using a grant from the National Energy Technology Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy, ISGS intends to develop brine extraction and treatment technologies that will facilitate the commercialization of geologic carbon dioxide storage.  

Erosion threatens the Driftless Area

Geologists Sam Panno and Don Luman of the Illinois State Geological Survey will present a talk on threats to underground water quality in the driftless area of Jo Daviess County.

New exhibit will provide look at giant ancient mollusk

Endolobus spectabilis, will be on display around the state with a fossil of an E. spectabilis shellISGS paleontologist, Joe Devera, put together the exhibit and worked with a sculptor on the model.