ISGS in the News

Rock-solid results: Carbon capture at ADM earns praise

Rob Finley talks about progress made on the Illinois Basin Decatur project.

Groundwater safety broached at carbon sequestration meeting

Rob Finley, leader of the Illinois State Geological Survey sequestration team, and Sallie Greenberg address concerns with groundwater safety measures associated with carbon sequestration.

NSF awards grants for four new critical zone observatories to study Earth surface processes

ISGS collaborates with scientists from around the country to study critical zones and their response to climate and land use changes.

Official state scientists appointed on Prairie Research Institute Day

Seven Illinois state scientists have been officially appointed for the first time after Gov. Pat Quinn signed the University of Illinois State Scientific Surveys Act on Aug. 14. 

Geographer Talks Topography for GIS Day

The keynote speaker for GIS Day will be ISGS Geologist, Donald Luman, who will give a talk titled "LiDAR Landscapes of Illinois: Seeing the Wind Through the Trees" at 11 a.m. Wednesday, November 20th.

Experts have more questions than answers about McCook quarry 'blast'

Geologists Don Mikulic and Tim Larson give their thoughts about the seismic activity in northern Illinois earlier this month.

Expert: Not enough information to connect quake to McCook quarry blast

Principal engineering geologist, Bob Bauer, speaks about data regarding two seismic events that shook the La Grange area Nov. 4, 2013.

Aquifer protection group sets forum in Clinton

Sen. Chapin Rose, R-Mahomet, has formed a Clinton Landfill Working Group to step up oversight of the landfill. The working group includes representatives from  Illinois State Water Survey and Illinois State Geological Survey as well as other government agencies.

Fracking makes its debut in Illinois under strictest regulatory laws in the US

Robert Bauer, principal engineering geologist at the Illinois State Geological Survey, said studies have been done on the east coast to determine the effects on water supplies.

Carbon Storage Studies Grapple with Politics, Geology

Hannes Leetaru and Robert Finley of the Advanced Energy Technology Initiative section talk about carbon sequestration and the potential impacts of offshore carbon storage.