New Visualization Project Funded

Don Keefer and Jim Damico (Illinois State Geological Survey), together with Eric Shaffer and Lawrence Angrave (University of Illinois), have received a $700,000, 3-year contract from the U.S. Department of Energy for their proposal, "Reservoir Visualization and Analysis: 3D Visualization and Analysis Software to Support Management of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resource." This project will develop a software application, RVA (Reservoir Visualization and Analysis), that will provide advanced three-dimensional visualization, analysis, and data mining tools for exploring data and modeling results for unconventional oil and gas reservoirs. Using novel approaches to visualization, RVA will allow users to simultaneously view the flow characteristics of several different fluid phases (e.g., water, oil, natural gas, CO2) and the distribution of different dissolved concentrations within these fluids (e.g., salt, dissolved CO2). RVA will also allow these fluid properties to be viewed together with the distribution of the modeled geologic deposits and their simulated petrophysical properties. The data mining capabilities of RVA will allow users to rapidly explore the combined geological deposits and fluids, based on a range of properties from the various geologic and flow models. Because of the similarity in data structures and project objectives, RVA also is expected to be useful for guiding both CO2 sequestration projects and more traditional oil and gas exploration and production efforts.