New STATEMAP Releases

The ISGS recently completed new geologic maps of the following 7.5-minute quadrangles, at a scale of 1:24,000: WaukeganNapervilleFoleyKarbers Ridge, and Oregon. In addition, surficial geology maps completed under previous STATEMAP contracts for St. Clair County were compiled into a county-wide 1:62,500-scale map.

Each year the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) participates in the STATEMAP component of the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program (, which provides federal funds for detailed two-dimensional geologic mapping to state geological surveys. The U.S. Geological Survey administers the program, and funds are distributed to state geological surveys on a competitive basis. The program also includes a federal component (FEDMAP) and an education component (EDMAP). The ISGS encourages universities to participate in the EDMAP component and welcomes cooperation with its ongoing mapping projects. Geologic maps and their databases are identified in the National Geologic Map Database.

Overall, the ISGS ranks eighth among state surveys in federal dollars received under this program, having received more than $2.9 million for geologic mapping in the state's high-priority areas since the program's inception in 1993. The high-priority areas include the Chicago metropolitan area, where there is a high demand for groundwater resources; southern Illinois, where mapping has focused on identifying economic mineral resources such as coal, calcium carbonate, and other minerals; and the St. Louis Metropolitan East area, to meet the societal needs of the greater St. Louis region. Prioritization of the map areas for the STATEMAP program involves dialogue with the Illinois Geologic Mapping Advisory Committee, which includes representation from local, state, and federal governments, private industry, and higher education.

The STATEMAP mapping team includes geologists Joe Devera, Brett Denny, Mary Seid, Mike Barnhardt, Andy Stumpf, Drew Philips, Dave Grimley,Brandon Curry, and Steve Brown. Database, GIS, and cartographic work are carried out by Barb Stiff, Jane Domier, and Jennifer Carrell. The team is assisted by a number of students and interns.