National Earthquake Drill

During the week of May 16, 2011, the National Level Exercise was held. The exercise was developed around the scenario of a catastrophic earthquake on one of the three New Madrid faults and a triggered earthquake in the Wabash Valley seismic zone. Interestingly, a number of the eight states originally planning to participate were engaged in real-world responses to flooding and extensive tornado damage and had limited participation. During the week-long exercise, the Illinois State Geological Survey conducted daily awareness conference calls among the eight state geological surveys and U.S. Geological Survey staff located in each of the four FEMA regional offices and deployed in the field. These calls provided a broad perspective of the response and coordinated activities across the multistate region that would experience damage from large earthquakes. During that same week, Robert Bauer provided information for a press release from the Prairie Research Institute and provided an interview to a Farm Week reporter about the exercise and the benefits of earthquake preparedness, which also helps with preparedness for responses to other hazards.