Monitoring Well Drilling Started

Drilling at the Illinois Basin Decatur Project site began this month to install four groundwater monitoring wells that are required as part of the Underground Injection Control (UIC) permit to monitor the lowermost underground source of drinking water. Edward Mehnert, Randy Locke, Abbas Iranmanesh, Bracken Wimmer, Ivan Krapac, and the Illinois State Geological Survey drilling team have drilled, installed, and begun development of a well (ADM-102G) into fractured limestone at a depth of about 170 feet below the ground surface. Another well (ADM-103G) has been completed in sandstone at a depth of about 140 feet below the ground surface. The monitoring program has increased its ability to detect and quantity gases using a field infrared gas analyzer. The analyzer was updated with a H2S sensor to monitor CO2, CH4, and H2S in real time under field conditions.