List of Distribution File Contents

The downloadable distribution file (zip) may contain any of the following:

README.htm … description of contents

Data Files
[filename].mdb … ArcGIS geodatabase in MS Access format
[filename].pmf … ArcReader map document
Isgs_Gmdm_[ver].style … ArcGIS map symbol definition
[filename].pdf … Full-scale rendition of published hardcopy map
[filename]_report.pdf … Report that accompanied published hardcopy map
metadata.htm … Description of the data in FGDC metadata form

Data Dictionary Files
Isgs_Gmdm_Catalog_Tree_[ver].pdf … ArcCatalog view of geodatabase contents
Isgs_Gmdm_Map_Feature_Examples_[ver].pdf … Examples of map features by feature class
Isgs_Gmdm_Data_Object_List_[ver].pdf … Short list of geodatabase contents
Isgs_Gmdm_Data_Object_Desc_[ver].pdf … Detailed list of geodatabase contents
Isgs_Gmdm_Field_Defs_Short_[ver].pdf … Short list of field definitions
Isgs_Gmdm_Field_Defs_[ver].pdf … Detailed list of field definitions
Isgs_Gmdm_Domain_Defs_[ver].pdf … Domain definitions

Note: [ver] = version number of the ISGS geologic map data model (GMDM) that was current when the files were created.

Technical Requirements
The data are intended for use with GIS software. The ISGS uses ESRI ArcGIS software, however, ESRI formats can be imported into many different GIS software packages. It is expected that customers who obtain these data have the technical expertise to use GIS software. Th ISGS does not provide software support of any kind.

The ArcReader file (*.pmf) provides an interactive map that can be used to browse the data. It requires ArcReader 9.3, which can be downloaded free of charge from Esri here: