Mapping Coalition Completes Drilling Season

ISGS drillers put in a bore hole.The 2008 drilling season has been completed for the Central Great Lakes Geologic Mapping Coalition and Metro Chicago-north STATEMAP-Zion Quadrangle mapping projects. Three Lake County sites were drilled in October: Greenbelt Forest Preserve, Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve, and Buffalo Creek Forest Preserve. A fourth location was also drilled at the Prairieview Education Center, a McHenry County Conservation District facility. Two groundwater observation wells were installed at both the Greenbelt and Prairieview locations to monitor long-term groundwater levels in sand and gravel aquifers. Three additional boreholes were drilled this year in Lake County forest preserves: one at Van Patten Woods-Sterling Lake and two at Lyons Woods, bringing the total number of boreholes drilled in Lake and adjacent McHenry and Cook Counties to 159 boreholes and 39 observation wells since the drilling program began in Lake County in 2000-2001.