Animated GIF of 3-D model of the geology of the Villa Grove Quadrangle

The goal of the ISGS mapping program, begun in 1996, is to map the entire state's geologic units, from land surface to bedrock, at a detailed scale of 1:24,000. Reliable, detailed information is essential to making good decisions about the complex issues affecting our state's water, land, energy supplies, and aggregate resources.

The ISGS has also been working since 1997 through partners in the Central Great Lakes Geologic Mapping Coalition to map the region's surficial deposits and bedrock surface. The ISGS three-dimensional geologic mapping program intends to meet this information need. Using the latest technological tools and methods, survey geologists create detailed geologic maps and models that help planners and communities develop, manage, and protect water resources; locate and economically extract mineral resources; construct buildings and transportation corridors; install utilities; safely dispose of wastes; and plan for efficient and beneficial land use.

An ISGS economic study indicates that the dollar value to society of detailed geologic maps is 25 to 29 times the cost of the mapping program!

Recent Mapping Projects

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Partnership Programs

Great Lakes Geologic Mapping Coalition


Mapping Sections

Bedrock Geology
Drilling, Shop services, and Vehicle Operations
Quaternary Geology