Kendall County Resource Investigation Update

Ed Smith, along with Al Wehrmann, Illinois State Water Survey, met with representatives of the Kendall County Groundwater Resource Investigation Technical Advisory Committee on September 3, 2008, at the historic courthouse in Yorkville, Illinois. Later that day, Smith and Werhmann spoke to the mayors and managers of Kendall County during their quarterly meeting. The Survey representatives reviewed the results of the geologic and hydrologic investigations conducted for the county to date. Preliminary results of the geologic study indicate that no additional sources of groundwater have been identified in the glacial deposits overlying the bedrock. Results from geophysical testing, subsurface borings conducted by the Survey, and county-wide mapping of existing borings showed no areally significant sand and gravel deposits present. The lack of additional groundwater resources from unconsolidated materials means that Kendall County will need to continue to rely on existing bedrock aquifer sources, which are already being impacted by continued lowering of water levels in the region. Preliminary mapping of the unconsolidated deposits and creation of an aquifer vulnerability map indicate that the County may be a poor choice for landfills sites currently proposed or under consideration. Both groups were reminded of the primary importance of long-term management and conservation of the groundwater resource.