ISGS Wins the 2013 Association of Earth Science Editors’ Award for Outstanding Publication

Zoomed-in portion of Walking Guide to Burnham Park

Burnham Park coverThe walking map accompanying the publication A Walking Guide to the History & Features of Burnham Park, Chicago, Illinois, has recently won the Association of Earth Science Editors’ (AESE’s) 2013 Award for Outstanding Publication in the Map/Poster Category. The award was announced at the AESE Annual Meeting held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on October 10–13. Receiving this award is significant for the ISGS because it illustrates the value of coordinating publications and outreach to address the needs of a wider segment of the Illinois population than has historically been served by geological outreach. This colorful, easy-to-navigate walking map of Burnham Park was designed to inspire curiosity among readers unfamiliar with geology, to provide information about the historic and cultural features as they relate to the underlying geology and extensive geoengineering that shaped and continually reshapes the park, and to encourage stewardship of the park as a valuable resource. Awards Committee Chair Deborah DeChurch expressed in her award announcement, “The Illinois Survey should be proud, as you’ve made a great showing in the past couple of years! And there was very stiff competition this year, as there were many publications in the running.”

Geology of Illinois coverLast year, the ISGS won the AESE Award for Outstanding Publication in the Book Category for the book Geology of Illinois. Geology of Illinois summarizes more than a century of earth science investigations in Illinois by geologists eager to share their insights about how the state’s most unseen geology affects, and is affected by, life on the surface. Topics include 1) the history of geologic investigations; 2) tectonic and structural history; 3) the properties and classification of rocks and sediments; 4) land, water, and mineral resources; 5) geological hazards; and 6) the relationship between geology and societal issues.