ISGS Staff Members Assist in Universities' Efforts in Hydrologic Advancement

Three staff members attended the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Sciences, Inc. (CUAHSI) regional meeting in Deerfield, Illinois, on October 12, 2007. CUAHSI is seeking collaborators for the Geophysics Module of its Hydrologic Measurement Facility (HMF-Geophysics), based on experience from a pilot project funded by the National Science Foundation. The objective of HMF-Geophysics is to enable hydrologists to better use near-surface geophysical techniques as an integral part of their research. The primary role of HMF-Geophysics collaborators will be to perform short-term feasibility studies to assess the applicability of various geophysical techniques for hydrologic problems. Additional services include consulting with hydrologists on possible approaches; education of the hydrologic community about near-surface geophysics through presentations at professional meetings, development of educational materials, and organization of workshops; and identification and engagement of geophysicists at other institutions who are interested in collaborating with hydrologists on projects.

At the meeting, the ISGS staff met with CUAHSI Executive Director, Rick Hooper, to discuss opportunities for the ISGS Geophysics Section to collaborate with CUAHSI institutions in solving hydrologic problems related to groundwater-surface water interactions and shallow groundwater contamination. The extensive ISGS expertise in shallow geophysical methods to map and characterize aquifers can be of value to CUAHSI field projects. Participation in this CUAHSI program will be of value to ISGS scientists because it will provide opportunities for collaboration with other top U.S. geophysicists and hydrologists on problems involving the characterization of shallow geology and will provide opportunities for developing new methods and in-house expertise that can be directly applied to other ISGS projects.