ISGS Retiree Receives Association Award

Beverly Herzog receives the 2010 Keith E. Anderson Award of the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) from Jack Henrich NGWA president. Beverly Herzog received the Keith E. Anderson Award at the annual meeting of the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) in Las Vegas on December 9, 2010. The award was presented by the Scientists and Engineers Membership Division (SEMD) of NGWA in recognition of outstanding contributions to the association. In nominating Herzog, Vickie Kertsinger Grabert, past chair of the NGWA SEMD Board said, "Bev has distinguished herself in working effectively with the four membership divisions of NGWA. She has also proven effective in launching initiatives important to the groundwater industry and the nation's groundwater resources."

"Bev helped design a survey submitted to the states on the current and future understanding of groundwater resources availability and monitoring needs," Kretsinger added. "Bev was instrumental in the step-by-step approaches taken to build relationships that led to specific requests for financial support to accomplish nationwide monitoring and groundwater resources evaluation goals." Herzog also played an important part in the establishment and success of the Ground Water Summit, the NGWA's premier gathering of groundwater scientists and engineers, now heading into its seventh year of existence.

"Bev Herzog exemplifies what a 'working member' of a board should be. NGWA has benefitted greatly from her hard work and expertise, and the grace with which she has used both to accomplish great things for NGWA and the entire groundwater industry," said NGWA President Jack Henrich.

Herzog retired from the Illinois State Geological Survey in August 2010.