ISGS Outreach - September 2009

Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) geologists Keith Hackley, Brandon Curry, Sam Panno, and three professors from the University of Illinois Geology Department were the subject of a Nova Science Now special on September 1, 2009, entitled "Earthquakes in the Midwest."

Ed Mehnert prepared a presentation on the search for and the proposed monitoring plan for the lowermost underground source of drinking water at the Illinois Basin Decatur Project site. This presentation was given on September 23, 2009, at the annual Project Advisory Group meeting at the I Hotel in Champaign. Approximately 60 people attended the meeting to hear progress on this research program.

Dave Grimley and Alison Anders, University of Illinois Department of Geology, are co-teaching a class (Geology 493) on Quaternary deposits, landscapes, and processes in Illinois during fall 2009. The one-hour seminar class will feature as guest lecturers several Quaternary science specialists from the Illinois State Geological Survey.

Michael Chrzastowski was a guest lecturer on September 2, 2009, for graduate students in Architecture 571 taught by Professor Joy Malnar. Students in the class are designing shoreline redevelopment for the Lake Michigan shore at the Chicago-Evanston city line. The lecture addressed the coastal geology and coastal processes that needed consideration in the design effort.

Hong Wang talked to students from an archeaometry class taught through the Anthropology Department at the University of Illinois during two separate visits to the carbon-14 and optical stimulated luminescence laboratories in the Isotope Geochemistry Section of the ISGS. Approximately 12 students attended each visit.

Michael Chrzastowski delivered 32 sets of the three-part Geology of the Chicago Lakefront poster series to the offices of the Burnham Plan Centennial Committee in Chicago. These poster sets will be distributed to Chicago Public School teachers for use in lesson plans that address the history of building the Chicago lakefront.

Michael Chrzastowski was a guest at an appreciation dinner held in Chicago on September 29, 2009, at the Cliff Dwellers Club for all scientists, engineers, media representatives, and community officials who participated in the Last Four Miles Project. This project is an effort to establish the vision for completion of the lakefront park system first proposed by Daniel H. Burnham in 1909. In appreciation for the ISGS' participation in the 2009 Burnham Centennial, Michael Chrzastowski accepted from the Centennial Committee Chair on behalf of the ISGS a special edition reproduction of the 1909 Plan of Chicago.