ISGS Members Help Conduct Eastern Section AAPG Meeting

David Morse and others organized a very successful 38th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Section, American Association of Petroleum Geologists in Evansville, Indiana. ISGS provided many of the organizing committee chairs including David Morse, General Chair; Lisa Young, Finance Chair; Joan Crockett, Workshops and also Publicity Chair; LeAnn Benner and Andrew Louchios, Registration Co-chairs, Sally Denhart, Webmaster; Scott Elrick and Chris Korose, Audio/Visual Co-chairs; Cindy Briedis, Graphics Chair; and Jared Freiburg, Student Job Quest Co-chair. In addition, Bryan Huff, Bev Seyler, Yaghoob Lasemi, Zohreh Askari, David Morse, John Grube, James Damico, and Jared Freiburg presented papers or posters. Cheryl Nimz operated an ISGS exhibit and publications booth, and John Nelson and Scott Elrick led a coal geology field trip. The conference was 1½ years in the planning. At the Evansville meeting, David Morse received an award for the best Division of Environmental Geology oral paper for his presentation at the previous meeting in Pittsburgh. His paper dealt with the CO2 sequestration in coal project at the Tanquary site in southeastern Illinois.

The meeting attendance of 452 persons far exceeded the initial planning estimates. There were three one-day workshops and three one-day field trips spaced around the 75 technical presentations and posters. The meeting was hosted by the Illinois Geological Society and the Indiana-Kentucky Geological Society; both are affiliated societies of the AAPG. There were 56 exhibit booths, and substantial monetary and sponsorship donations were also made by local industry and professional associations. The Indiana Geological Survey provided considerable assistance, particularly in putting together the technical program and in running two of the field trips. Local geologists provided the remaining support. Shale gas was one of the major themes, reflecting the ongoing interest in the Devonian natural gas-bearing black shales of the East, most notably the Marcellus Shale, but also the New Albany and the Antrim Shales. Numerous sequestration papers and posters were presented, reflecting the abundance of research projects supported by the U.S. Department of Energy in the Eastern Region of the AAPG.

The field trip led by Scott Elrick and John Nelson explored two Illinois Basin Pennsylvanian age surface coal mines and gave trip participants the opportunity to safely make critical observations of the high wall exposures and their cyclothem strata.

Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC) workshops and field trips held in conjunction with the Eastern Section AAPG Meeting included the following:

  1. Workshop: Appraising and Developing Coalbed Methane Reservoirs, sponsored in part by the Eastern Region PTTC. There were 30 attendees. There was interest in exploration and development of Illinois Basin coalbed methane reservoirs.
  2. Field Trip: The Geneva Dolomite (Devonian) in the Illinois Basin; Field Trip and Core Pre-view. The core pre-view was September 22, 2009, and the field trip was September 23, 2009. Brian Keith of the Indiana Geological Survey was the trip leader. The field trip was sponsored by Eastern Region PTTC. There were 25 participants in this field trip.
  3. Field Trip: Coal Mines—Indiana and Illinois; Field trip leaders were ISGS geologists John Nelson and Scott Elrick. The trip was held September 20, 2009, and sponsored by the Eastern Region PTTC.