ISGS Contributes to the American Geophysics Union Near Surface Geophysics and Natural Hazards Focus Groups

Left to right, Yev Kontar, ISGS, Ramesh Singh, Indian Institute of Technology, Frank R. Rack, ANDRILL, Univ. of Nebraska-LincolnThe ISGS Geophysics Section is involved in state, national, and international programs related to geologic risks and natural and human-induced geohazards. The impacts of geohazards continue to increase around the world. The growth of human societies and their escalating complexity and a changing climate will cause the risk associated with geohazards to be even greater in the future. The ISGS Geophysics Section is contributing to the understanding of these issues in several ways. One response includes the Section's participation in the new International Natural and Human-induced Environmental Hazards and Disasters Research Program which would focus on environmental hazards related to geophysical trigger events. This program is supported by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Near Surface Geophysics Focus Group, which was formed two years ago and now has approximately 2,000 members. Many of them are interested in applying geophysical methods to the assessment of natural hazards. In response to this concern, a new AGU focus group, the Natural Hazards Focus Group, was organized recently during the AGU Fall 2007 Meeting in San Francisco, California (December 10-14, 2007). More than 14,600 AGU members attended the fall meeting.

The ISGS Geophysics Section significantly contributed to the activities of the Near Surface Geophysics and Natural Hazards focus groups by conducting both oral and poster presentation sessions (OS12: Land-Ocean-Atmospheric Processes Associated with Natural and Man-Made Hazards). They organized and convened the sessions on the impact of natural and human-induced hazards, and speakers addressed topics from around the world, from the midwestern United States New Madrid Seismic Zone of Illinois, Missouri, and Kentucky; the Aleutian Islands of Alaska; Long Island Sound, New York; and western Canada to Puerto Rico, India, Korea, Okinawa Island of Japan, Norway, and Papua New Guinea.