ISGS Active in Earthquake Preparedness

Illinois State Geological Survey engineering geologist Robert Bauer supplied the Illinois Emergency Management Agency's (IEMA) statewide assessment report for the Illinois Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) exercise this year. ARES was looking for a realistic statewide earthquake scenario and will use the damage estimate from the 7.7 New Madrid event given in the IEMA report, which contains damage information per county for the southernmost 34 counties, for the ARES exercise. Additionally, Bauer will be working with ARES for its inclusion in the Survey's earthquake response plan.

Donald McKay and Bauer participated in the meeting of the Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium State Geologists. The meeting was held August 13-14, 2009. The group reviewed the efforts of each of the participating eight states to produce an Earthquake Response Plan in association with state emergency managers. The review included the estimated involvement of each state's emergency managers in the National Level (New Madrid earthquake) Exercise being planned for May 2011, the cooperation with the state emergency managers' public information officers for development of messages following an earthquake, and potential future work and research of the organization.