Interest in Fossil Forest Continues

Elrick and Howard examine a fossil stump (right).Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) geologists, Scott Elrick and John Nelson, joined paleobontanists, Bill DiMichele of the Smithsonian Institute and Howard Falcon-Lang of the Royal College of London, in visiting numerous surface and underground mines in the Illinois Basin. The visit was part of a long-term research project to examine the paleoenvironment at the time of the Desmoisian-Missourian boundary of the Pennsylvanian System. This trip was the first of many future planned excursions over the next 5 years and will include the use and study of ISGS cores in addition to joint research opportunities with other ISGS Coal Section staff. DiMichele and Falcon-Lang were actively involved with ISGS personnel in the highly publicized recent fossil forest discovery in Danville, Illinois.