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Unit NameStratigraphic Code
Farmington Shale Member2460
Lawson Shale Member2570
Anna Shale Member2640
Big Creek Shale Member2680
Canton Shale Member2750
Dykersburg Shale Member2780
Excello Shale Member2830
Purington Shale Member2930
Mecca Quarry Shale Member2970
Francis Creek Shale Member3000
Grove Church Shale4050
Cave Hill Shale Member4080
Warsaw Shale5310
Springville Shale5390
Hannibal Shale5490
Nutwood Shale Member5510
Saverton Shale5840
Grassy Creek Shale5850
Sweetland Creek Shale5860
Maquoketa Shale Group7390
Brainard Shale7410
Elgin Shale Member7470
Orchard Creek Shale Member7490