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Unit NameStratigraphic Code
Merom Sandstone Member1820
McWain Sandstone Member2060
Mt. Carmel Sandstone Member2070
Inglefield Sandstone Member2210
Trivoli Sandstone Member2310
Gimlet Sandstone Member2380
Copperas Creek Sandstone Member2540
Vermilionville Sandstone Member2690
Pleasantview Sandstone Member2880
Jake Creek Sandstone Member2980
Browning Sandstone Member3050
Isabel Sandstone Member3110
Palzo Sandstone Member3140
Vergennes Sandstone Member3280
Granger Sandstone Member3380
Bernadotte Sandstone Member3550
Murray Bluff Sandstone Member3560
Grindstaff Sandstone Member3610
Babylon Sandstone Member3660
Finnie Sandstone Member3680
Pounds Sandstone Member3830
Battery Rock Sandstone Member3920
Degonia Sandstone4100
Tygett Sandstone Member4130
Palestine Sandstone4150
Tar Springs Sandstone4240
Hardinsburg Sandstone4280
Big Clifty Sandstone Member4330
Cypress Sandstone4370
Sample Sandstone Member4410
Yankeetown Sandstone4480
Popcorn Sandstone Member4520
Aux Vases Sandstone5040
Rosiclare Sandstone Member5050
Spar Mountain Sandstone Member5100
Sylamore Sandstone5870
Hoing Sandstone Member6010
Dutch Creek Sandstone Member6150
Thebes Sandstone Member7500

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