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Unit NameStratigraphic Code
Chesterian Series4020
Elviran Stage4030
Pope Megagroup4040
Grove Church Shale4050
Kinkaid Limestone4060
Goreville Limestone Member4070
Cave Hill Shale Member4080
Negli Creek Limestone Member4090
Degonia Sandstone4100
Clore Formation4110
Ford Station Limestone Member4120
Tygett Sandstone Member4130
Cora Limestone Member4140
Palestine Sandstone4150
Menard Limestone4160
Allard Limestone Member4180
Scottsburg Limestone Member4190
Walche Limestone Member4200
Waltersburg Formation4210
Vienna Limestone4230
Tar Springs Sandstone4240
Hombergian Stage4250
Okaw Group4260
Glen Dean Limestone4270
Hardinsburg Sandstone4280
Golconda Group4290
Haney Limestone4300
Fraileys Shale4320
Big Clifty Sandstone Member4330
Gasperian Stage4340
Beech Creek Limestone4350
West Baden Group4360
Cypress Sandstone4370
Paint Creek Group4380
Ridenhower Formation4390
Reelsville Limestone Member4400
Sample Sandstone Member4410
Beaver Bend Limestone Member4420
Bethel Sandstone4430
Cedar Bluff Limestone Group4460
Downeys Bluff Limestone4470
Yankeetown Sandstone4480
Renault Limestone4500
Shetlerville Limestone Member4510
Popcorn Sandstone Member4520
Levias Limestone Member5020
Aux Vases Sandstone5040
Rosiclare Sandstone Member5050

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