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Unit NameStratigraphic Code
Kaskaskia Sequence4000
Knobs Megagroup5260
New Albany Shale Group5480
Devonian System5800
Upper Devonian Series5810
Louisiana Limestone5820
Saverton Shale5840
Grassy Creek Shale5850
Sweetland Creek Shale5860
Sylamore Sandstone5870
Middle Devonian Series5880
Hunton Limestone Megagroup5890
Cedar Valley Limestone5900
Coralville Member5910
Alto Formation5920
Rapid Member5950
Lingle Formation5970
Walnut Grove Limestone Member5980
Rendleman Oolite Bed5990
Solon Member6000
Hoing Sandstone Member6010
Misenheimer Shale Member6020
Wapsipinicon Limestone6030
Davenport Member6040
Tripp Limestone Member6050
Blocher Shale6060
Howardton Limestone Member6070
Grand Tower Limestone6080
Tioga Bentonite Bed6090
Spring Grove Member6100
Cooper Limestone Member6110
Kenwood Member6120
Otis Member6130
Coggan Member6135
Geneva Dolomite Member6140
Dutch Creek Sandstone Member6150
Tippecanoe Sequence6160
Lower Devonian Series6170
Clear Creek Chert6180
Backbone Limestone6190
Grassy Knob Chert6200
Bailey Limestone6210

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