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Unit NameStratigraphic Code
Knox Dolomite Megagroup8390
Croixan Series8560
Trempealeauan Stage8570
Eminence Formation8580
Jordan Sandstone8590
Momence Sandstone Member8600
Potosi Dolomite8610
Franconian Stage8620
Derby-Doerun Member8640
Potsdam Sandstone Megagroup8650
Franconia Formation8660
Davis Member8670
Ironton Sandstone8680
Mooseheart Member8700
Marywood Member8710
Fox Valley Member8720
Buelter Member8730
Dresbachian Stage8740
Galesville Sandstone8750
Eau Claire Formation8760
Proviso Siltstone Member8780
Lombard Dolomite Member8790
Elmhurst Sandstone Member8800
Mt. Simon Sandstone8810
Charter Member8820
Gunn Member8830
Lacey Member8840
Mayfield Member8850
Lovell Member8860
Kenyon Member8870

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