Oil and Gas Related Wells in Illinois

The ISGS is an official repository for records of wells drilled in the state of Illinois. Paper records are archived for over 700,000 wells. Some of these records go back as far as the late 1800s.

Digital Oil & Gas Well Records

      Well Records via Database Query

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  • Click on the Java tab
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Java Runtime Environment Settings


  • §  Choose OK
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Javascript Control Panel: Exception Site List

  • Click in the empty field under Location to enter this URL: https://isgs-oas.isgs.illinois.edu
  • Click OK to save the URL’s that you entered.
  • Click Continue on the Security Warning dialog
  • Click Apply then OK to exit


Oil and Gas Permits

Interactive query form for Oil and Gas Permits!
Just choose a month from the pull-down menu then enter a year and hit, Submit Query. The data will appear in the same format as before.
      Database Query for Oil and Gas Permits

Well Databases Pricing Policy

GRU Well Copying Services
Digital Well Data

Related Information

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Data Disclaimer
Data Policies and Procedures
How Well Locations Are Described

To purchase other data, call the ISGS Geologic Records Unit at 217-333-5109. For general inquiries or electronic data sales, e-mail the ISGS Database Administrator.