Illinois Oil and Gas Resources (ILOIL) Online for 10 Years!

Screenshot of ILOIL interface

The Illinois Oil and Gas Resources (ILOIL) Map Application reached its 10-year milestone in February 2014; ILOIL was formally released to the public in February 2004. The ILOIL project was designed to alleviate data access constraints by developing new techniques for evaluating and identifying underdeveloped areas in and around petroleum reservoirs in Illinois. ILOIL broke new ground in dynamic map capabilities at the ISGS; the project was the first to utilize an ArcGIS.mxd map file, which allowed use of an unlimited array of cartographic symbols so that oil and gas wells could be displayed with an expansive set of industry-defined data symbols. The ILOIL map service quickly became a must-have service for oil and gas developers interested in developing commercial projects in Illinois. ILOIL 2.0 was publically released on September 28, 2011; it remains a popular tool that attracts strong positive feedback.