Illinois Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund Supports ISGS Program in 2009

Knowledge of mine locations aids good engineering practices for planned construction projects and helps identify areas at risk for mine subsidence. With the support of Illinois Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund (IMSIF) and the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), maps for mined-out areas have been completed for 119 quadrangles since 1999. The ISGS Coal Section has received word that the IMSIF will be renewing its support for the ISGS mined-out area quadrangle mapping program for 2009. The new IMSIF-sponsored project will complete 11 quadrangles, and the IDOT-supported project will complete 9 quadrangles to bring the 2009 total to 139 completed quadrangles.

The quadrangle maps are accompanied by a directory that tallies production for each mine and gives more information about the map's mine outline and point locations. If the source map used for a mine outline was produced before the mine closed, the additional area mined is estimated. The source maps are documented, which is especially helpful when individuals, agencies, or commercial interests need to know the precise boundaries of undermined areas. Because the maps are digitally registered to land surface coordinates, an electronic copy of the source mine map used to compile the ISGS mined-out area can be sent to those who need precise information. These map products are freely downloadable in PDF format from the ISGS Web site.