IEMA Requests Help with Large Sand Boil

Large sand boilOn April 30, 2011, geologist Robert Bauer was requested by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) to investigate conditions in Cairo related to very large sand boil development associated with the highest flood stage on record since the Ohio River floodwall was constructed. Concerns centered around a sand boil 30 × 40 feet across and sandbagged 12 feet high that was located more than 500 feet from the floodwall and another smaller sand boil more than 1,200 feet from the floodwall in the same area. Bauer documented conditions and the history of sand blows in this area with historical input from representatives of the Corp of Engineers, the county highway engineer, and the water treatment facility. Additionally, he documented other problems of piping and street collapse, as well as leaks along the floodwall and water coming out of storm sewers. His report on findings was phoned into the State Emergency Operations Center and provided in a 12-page report the next day.