Height Modernization Funded for Third Year

Height Modernization Program logoThe ISGS, in partnership with the Illinois Department of Transportation, will receive nearly $800,000 through the National Geodetic Survey to continue the Height Modernization Program for the third year. This award brings the total funding to date to more than $2 million. Height Modernization is the establishment of accurate, reliable heights using global positioning satellite (GPS) technology in conjunction with traditional leveling, gravity, and modern remote sensing. Height Modernization activities are designed to provide long-term benefits for the environment, help prevent loss of life, improve property estimates, and save money. The project is replacing lost benchmarks and establishing new, high-precision heights for existing benchmarks starting in northern Illinois. It is also facilitating collection and delivery of LIDAR data for the state. Additional information on the program can be found athttp://www.isgs.illinois.edu/nsdihome/webdocs/ilhmp/