Hazard Response

Weather-Related HazardsContact


Earthquake HazardsContact
Earthquake PreparednessBob Bauer
Ground Movement and LiquefactionBob Bauer
Earthquake recordsTim Larson


Groundwater HazardsContact
ContaminationEd Mehnert
Aquifer susceptibility to contaminationDick Berg
Waste disposal facilities 
Karst (sinkholes)Sam Panno


Coal-Related Hazards Contact
 Mine subsidence Bob Bauer, Scott Elrick
 Gas in mines Scott Elrick
 Other coal mining issues Scott Elrick


Soil Erosion and Ground CollapseContact
LandslidesBob Bauer
Karst (sinkholes)Sam Panno
Foundation ProblemsBob Bauer
Soil Erosion and SedimentationSteve Brown
Ground SettlementBob Bauer


Spills, Leaks and Release HazardsContact
Hazardous Substance SpillsEd Mehnert
Natural GasRandy Locke


Mapping ResourcesContact
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)Melony Barrett
Air Photos and Satellite ImagesDon Luman