Groundwater Information in High Demand

Rick Rice responded to a total of 14 requests for hydrogeologic information. These requests included two requests from homeowners; nine requests from engineering consultants, developers, or environmental consultants; and one request from a state or local government agency. Among the responses were those to:

  • an oil producer regarding potential for a water supply to be used in a water flood project near Albion in Edwards County. 
  • a consultant engineer regarding records of springs in the area of a proposed coal mine near Benton in Franklin County. The engineer was referred  to Survey geologist Pius Weibel for any additional information. 
  • a mine engineer regarding ISGS groundwater reports from 1951 and 1954 in the area of Nashville in Washington County. 
  • a landowner, potential landowner, and driller regarding water supply. These individuals had either drilled dry holes, wanted information  before drilling on property they already owned, wanted to replace existing insufficient water supplies, had water quality issues, or were considering buying property that had no water supply. The water supplies were for domestic or irrigation use in Fulton County.