Geophysics Support of Mapping and Student Training

Students Kevin Sheahan (UI) and Kelly Hayden (ISU) doing geophysics work near Harvard in McHenry County.Teams consisting of Illinois State Geological Survey geophysics staff and college students have been collecting field data in support of several Survey projects. Tim Larson led one team collecting one mile of resistivity data in northern Champaign County and more than 2.5 miles in McHenry County. Ahmed Ismail and Steve Sargent led another team collecting three miles of seismic reflection data in Champaign County. Ismail and Mark Hart also worked with a team to acquire downhole seismic data in six boreholes in Champaign County. The five students, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Illinois State University, are rotating from one team to the other to gain experience in the different geophysical methods. The Champaign County resistivity and reflection work is in support of the Mahomet aquifer mapping project led by William Dey and Andrew Stumpf. The McHenry County work will provide information to the McHenry County mapping project led by Jason Thomason. The borehole work supports various Champaign area mapping initiatives and adds information to the geotechnical database maintained by Robert Bauer. The field teams will continue working through July and possibly part of August.