Geophysics Section Assists Delaware Geological Survey in Mapping Efforts

ISGS staff work the land streamer.For the past five years, members of the Geophysics Section of the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) have been developing a new method for rapidly collecting seismic reflection data using the land streamer. Similar in concept to geophone streamers towed behind boats for normal ocean surveys, this streamer is towed behind a car on land. Although the ISGS team developed the technique for mapping along country roads in Illinois, the technique is applicable in many other areas as well. This spring, an ISGS staff member took the land streamer east to assist the Delaware Geological Survey and University of Delaware in their investigation of the regional Cretaceous aquifer. Although the sediments were much thicker than those previously imaged in Illinois, the land streamer system worked well, and images were able to visualize sediments several hundred meters deep. Delaware Geological Survey scientists are pleased with the level of detail the land streamer reveals.