Geophysicist Organizes Session on New Approaches in Near-Surface Geophysics

3D image using transient electromagnetic method (TEM) sounding tehcnology. The Illinois State Geological Survey, together with Green Engineering Company, organized and conducted a scientific session, "Advancing the Use of Electrical Resistivity and Electromagnetic Methods for Near-Surface Applications," at a recent scientific meeting sponsored by the American Geophysical Union (AGU), Canadian Geophysical Union, Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society, and AGU Near-Surface Geophysics Focus Group. The session was held on May 27, 2009, in Toronto, Canada, during the AGU Joint Assembly: The Meeting of the Americas ( Electrical resistivity and electromagnetic methods can be used to obtain information about subsurface structure, properties, and processes for a wide range of near-surface applications. Over the past decade, significant advancements have occurred in all aspects of acquiring and interpreting field data. Invited presentations described theoretical, numerical, laboratory, and field studies that demonstrated current capabilities and highlighted important areas of ongoing and future research. Several presentations illustrated new approaches in using electrical resistivity and electromagnetic methods for three-dimensional geologic mapping, mineral exploration, groundwater evaluation, monitoring of hydrologic processes, contaminant detection and remediation, and geotechnical engineering