Final Settlement of LaSalle Superfund Site Suit

In late 2007, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) Project Officer R.L. Lange and Jacqueline K. Williams (Illinois Attorney General's Office) notified ISGS Geologist Honorary Randy Hughes that the $8,168,743.00 suit by Kimmins Thermal Corp. against IEPA resulted in the court awarding $2,976,069.77 to the plaintiffs. Geologists Phil DeMaris, Randy Hughes, and Duane Moore completed a drilling and sample analysis program that addressed most of plaintiffs' claims for additional excavation and processing payments. The unusual stratigraphic sequence at the site had been misidentified in the original remediation studies, and the reconstruction of the original, pre-excavation site geology by Survey geologists provided important information to IEPA's consultants and to the court. Mr. Lange thanked the team, saying "We could never gotten this favorable a ruling without each of your contributions."