EPRI Selects ISGS to Participate in Mercury Sorbent Characterization Study

The Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. (EPRI) has brought together experts from academia and industry to perform a comprehensive study addressing the impact of various physical and chemical properties of sorbents for mercury control in existing coal-fired power plants. Illinois State Geological Survey has been selected to participate in this study. Other participants include American Norit, Calgon Carbon Corporation, URS Corporation, and ADA Environmental Solutions.

Activated carbon injection (ACI) upstream of a particulate control device is the approach that will most likely be used in the near-term for mercury control. In the past few years, full-scale sorbent injection tests have been conducted at various power plants to establish the feasibility of mercury removal and to determine the range that is attainable. The sorbent characterization study will allow ISGS and other participants to carefully characterize various properties of sorbents tested during the full-scale demonstration of the ACI and correlate these properties to mercury performance at various power plants. The team will also prepare a document that will serve as a guide for the utility industry to select an appropriate sorbent for a given power plant.