Engineers Without Borders Seeks Help from ISGS Geologists

Two members of the Chicagoland Professional Chapter of Engineers Without Borders visited the ISGS to give a seminar about the work the Chapter is doing with residents of Cuetzala de La Reforma, Guerrero, Mexico, to help them increase the sustainability of their water supplies. Riyaz Shipchandler, a Process Engineer at the Illinois Waste Management and Research Center in Chicago, and Ken Kastman, Vice President and Principal Engineer with URS Corporation in Chicago, described the work that has been done over the last year and some of the problems that remain to be resolved. The water supply for the village, which is located near the top of a mountain, consists of springs, only one of which runs throughout the dry season. Water is rationed at 40 liters per family per day during the dry season. The ISGS scientists were able to provide the Engineers Without Borders team with many valuable comments, suggestions, and insights regarding the hydrogeologic setting of the area, the kinds of additional data that should be collected, and sources of information or assistance.