Dating of Cave Sediments and Speleothems Attracts Press

White speleothems resemble a face and is  one of the only living witnesses to the 1811-1812 earthquakes.Sam Panno, Keith Hackley, Brandon Curry, and Charles Knight are currently conducting research in cooperation with members of the University of Illinois Geology Department (UIGD), on earthquake-initiated stalagmites in caves of southern and southwestern Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana. The project is being funded by the U.S. Geological Survey's National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program. Hackley was interviewed for news articles relating to that research project and to his poster presented at the fall 2008 Geological Society of America meeting. The poster was titled, "Paleo-seismic Activity from the New Madrid Seismic Zone Recorded in Stalagmites: A New Tool for Paleo-seismic History" authored by Sam Panno, C. Lundstrom (UIGD), Z. Zhang (UIGD), K. Hackley, B. Curry, and B. Fouke (UIGD). The story based on Keith's interview with Science Daily can be found at Bob Bauer was interviewed byDiscovery News about this project.