Arle H. Sutton

1896 to 1972

A great friend of the Illinois State Geological Survey, Arle Sutton joined the University of Illinois Department of Geology in 1927. He was a gifted basketball coach at Rushville, Indiana, during the early 1920s. Sutton was educated at Indiana State Teachers College and the University of Chicago where he received a Ph.D. in geology. He was close to his University of Chicago professor, Stuart Weller, and was a student with Weller's son, J. Marvin Weller, who spent a long career at the Illinois State Geological Survey. Sutton collaborated with J. Marvin Weller in several studies on the Mississippian strata, the Chesterian Series in 1932, and the Valmeyeran Series in 1940. He was cited in the Survey's 1975 publication, Handbook of Illinois Stratigraphy, for his contributions as senior author for additional stratigraphic studies on the Chester Series in 1934 and Silurian strata in 1935.

Sutton remained at the University of Illinois until 1946 when he became Chief Geologist for the Mining Division of Alcoa. While at the University of Illinois, Sutton worked as a summer field geologist for the Kentucky Geological Survey, coordinating with both Stuart and Marvin Weller. Sutton published thirty-four reports and several geological maps; his special interest was Mississippian rocks and paleontology. While Chief Geologist for Alcoa, Sutton made major fluorspar discoveries in Illinois and worked closely with the Illinois Survey providing data and expertise. He was an influential and strong supporter of the Survey.

Honored by: 
University of Illinois Department of Geology (Stephen Marshak, Chair)
Citation Contributed by: 
Charles W. Collinson