Burnham Park Publication

Cover of the Burnham Park publication The Illinois State Geological Survey has just released A Walking Guide to the History & Features of Burnham Park, Chicago, Illinois, a colorful 32-page publication and map designed for Chicago's residents and the millions of visitors to its world-class lakefront. Information about the park's glacial and engineering geology, intriguing historical events, and outstanding cultural features makes the publication a unique offering. The product was designed to inform and inspire curiosity about the area and its past, helping in the effort to prepare educated, engaged citizens; to foster civic pride; and to contribute to the public commitment to stewardship of this lakefront resource. Printing was funded by a grant from the University of Illinois' Office of the Vice Chancellor for Public Engagement and was written with the cooperation of the Chicago Park District. Authors are Cheryl K. Nimz, Michael J. Chrzastowski, Cynthia A. Briedis, Julia S. Bachrach (Chicago Park District), and C. Brian Trask. This pilot product will now be used to seek public and private partners to produce similar products for additional segments of the Chicago lakefront parks. The publication is available for download.