Bridge Consultants Use Information from ISGS Stored Core

When a new Mississippi River bridge project was scaled back, revised design plans altered the location of the pylons for the four-lane cable-stayed bridge into the river. The move will require new, expensive borings. However, some information can be gained from examining the bedrock cores that were obtained from the original borings. Consultants have asked to examine those cores, which are stored in ISGS facilities, to see what geology, fractures, bedding, and other details are revealed. Core examination will give them some idea of what they can expect to find from the new boreholes in the Mississippi River.

The ISGS obtained the core and jar samples from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) District 8 and from Hanson Engineers, Springfield, Illinois, when IDOT ran out of storage space in 2004. All parties recognized the value of the samples. The IDOT transfer was for temporary storage at the ISGS for 10 years. Ve'Niecy Pearman-Green, Materials Section at District 8 in Collinsville provided copies of the boring logs for use in conjunction with the examination of the physical core.