Workshop on Geologic Mapping of the Great Lakes with Ocean Bottom Seismographs

The Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) contributed to the International Experiments with Portable Ocean Bottom Seismographs (OBS) Workshop at the Snowbird Resort, Utah, September 25-28, 2010 The workshop examined the future of seismology using advanced new portable instrumentation (OBS) to study the Earth's geological structure, dynamics, and seismic hazards. The planned arrival of EarthScope's seismic array (USArray) to the Midwest offers a unique opportunity to learn more about the crustal and mantle structure of the region. Simultaneous deployment of the OBS lake-bottom broadband seismometers and magneto-telluric (MT) stations in the Great Lakes complements the land-based transportable array and possible flexible array campaigns in the area and provide an unprecedented data set to study the Earth's structure in the region. Since a major part of the Mid-Continent Rift (MCR) and the likely focus of rift initiation are located beneath the Great Lakes, dense instrument coverage in and around the Great Lakes will enable a detailed study of the geological structure and should advance our understanding of its origin. Study of the MCR's deep structure will provide insight into the processes that shaped the North American continent and continue to control rifting worldwide.