ISGS online map shows underground mine locations

Coal Mines of Illinois Viewer for Springfield

An estimated 5,500 underground coal mines exist in Illinois, but only about half have been mapped. Although a gradually sinking land area (subsidence) is uncommon, homeowners should be aware of nearby mines and the causes and consequences of land sinking or caving in.

The Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) offers an online Coal Mines in Illinois Viewer depicting underground mining in the state to help home and business owners determine the proximity of coal mines and underground industrial mines to their properties. Users enter their address into the viewer and consult the legend for types of mines displayed.

Links for additional information regarding nearby mines will appear below the map. If there are mines present within that county, the county’s detailed coal information web page links will also appear.

The points on the map consist of mine entrances and may also contain uncertain underground mine locations. The generalized areas are not meant to replace site-specific studies. Instead, they illustrate areas overlying and adjacent to the underground coal and industrial mines that may potentially be exposed to subsidence.

For more information about mine subsidence in Illinois, download ISGS Circular 569, 2013, “Mine Subsidence in Illinois: Facts for Homeowners.”