AEG Publication Award given to paper co-authored by ISGS scientists

The paper “Challenging Geostatistical Methods to Represent Heterogeneity in COReservoirs Under Residual Trapping” has been selected to receive the AEG Publication Award for 2019, designating this work as the best paper from the last four issues of Environmental and Engineering Geoscience. Congratulations to ISGS scientists James R. Damico and Roland T. Okwen who co-authored the paper with Robert W. Ritzi and Naum I. Gershenzon of Wright State University

Full Citation: James R. Damico, Robert W. Ritzi, Naum I. Gershenzon, Roland T. Okwen; Challenging Geostatistical Methods To Represent Heterogeneity in CO2 Reservoirs Under Residual Trapping. Environmental and Engineering Geoscience ; 24 (4): 357–373. doi: