Scientists Interviewed for News Stories

Scott Elrick, Illinois State Geological Survey geologist, and primarily personnel with the Office of Mines and Minerals were interviewed by Chris Young of the State Journal Register, in regard to wastewater at coal mines. The wastewater, also referred to as coal slurry, is a by-product of washing the coal to prepare it for sale. The slurry may be placed underground in abandoned coal mines, hundreds of feet below groundwater aquifers, or in approved above-ground impoundments, where it may be more of an environmental concern. Modern surface impoundments have environmentally approved liners and collection systems that mimic waste landfills. Illinois has 20 active mines today and two dispose of slurry underground; a third mine is approved to do so. 

Illinois State Geological Survey engineering geologist Robert Bauer was interviewed by WGN radio on July 16, 2010, concerning the small earthquake near Washington, D.C., and the general impression of the public that there has been an increase in earthquakes throughout the world. 

On June 17, 2010, Pius Weibel, Illinois State Geological Survey, appeared on WCFN/Channel 49 to talk about sinkholes, specifically to compare sinkholes in Guatemala City with the Dongola sinkhole in Illinois. The interview lasted about 3 minutes.