Circular 603: User’s Manual for the Portable Thermal Response Test Device

The thermal response test (TRT) is widely applied to determine geothermal properties, such as geothermal conductivity (k) and geothermal resistance (R). The TRT works on the principle that the mean temperature change caused by heated circulating water can be measured through the ground over time. The temperature response is due to heat transfer from the heated inflow to the borehole heat exchanger. This temperature response can provide us with an extrapolated prediction of the geothermal performance.

ISGS has published a user manual that outlines a comprehensive workflow for operating the TRT device based on model analysis theory; the manual also illustrates a test case of TRT measurement. The aim is to help users of the TRT device learn to use the device to conduct a basic analysis of raw data from shallow geothermal heat exchange-related projects and to apply this test in both scientific research and educational programs.

This manual, authored by Yu-Feng F. Lin, Chien-Yung Tseng, and Steve L. Sargent, is available as a digital download from the University of Illinois' IDEALS repository: User’s Manual for the Portable Thermal Response Test Device. To purchase a print copy of this manual for $6  (plus shipping costs), visit our online store