2013 – Denver, Colorado

October 26, 2013
Annual Meeting, Geological Society of America, Denver, Colorado

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Introduction - Three-Dimensional Geologic Mapping
L.H. Thorleifson, Berg, R.C., and H.A.J. Russel
Abstract                                        thorleif@umn.edu

Overview: 3D Geological Mapping: Developing More Widespread Adoption by Geological Survey Organizations
H.A.J. Russel, Richard C. Berg, and L.H. Thorleifson
Abstract        Presentation           hrussell@nrcan.gc.ca

Airborne Electromagnetic Surveys for 3D Geological Frameworks: Standards, Calibration, Forward Modeling, Inversion, and Pitfalls
Jared D. Abraham
Abstract        Presentation            Jared.Abraham@xrigeo.com

Application of Shallow Geophysical Methods for 3-Dimensional Mapping of Quaternary Deposits, South Simcoe County, Southern Ontario
Andrew .F. Bajc and D.R.B. Rainsford
Abstract         Presentation           andy.bajc@ontario.ca

Three-Dimensional Geologic Mapping of Lake County, Illinois: No Small Task
Steve Brown                                 
Abstract         Presentation           steebrow@illinois.edu

The Project GeoMol: Transnational 3D Modelling and 3D Geopotential Assessment in the Alpine Foreland Basins
Gerold W. Diepolder and the GeoMol Team
Abstract         Presentation          gerold.diepolder@lfu.bayern.de          www.geomol.eu

Hydraulic Parameterization of 3D Subsurface Models: From Measurement-Scale to Model-Scale
Jan Gunnink, Jan Stafleu, Denise Maljers and Jan Hummelman
Abstract         Presentation          jan.gunnink@tno.nl

Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland: Early Sketches for a Detailed Nationwide 3D Geological Model Based on Geophysical Data and Boreholes
Flemming Jørgensen, Richard Tomsen, Peter B.E. Sandersen, and Thomas Vangkilde-Pedersen
Abstract         Presentation          flj@geus.dk

3D Geological Mapping in Manitoba - Moving Forward
Greg Keller, Gaywood Matile, Harvey Thorleifson
Abstract         Presentation          greg.keller@gov.mb.ca

Hybrid Determinist and Stochastic Hydrostratigraphic Modeling of a Complex Glacial Aquifer System
Lawrence Lemke, Andrew L. Frahm, Lena K. Pappas
Abstract           Presentation         ldlemke@wayne.edu

Producing a 3-Dimensional Geological model of Alberta: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!
Kelsy MacCormack and Christopher Banks
Abstract           Presentation          kelsey.maccormack@aer.ca

Progress Towards a National Geological Model of Britain
Steve Mathers and Jon Ford
Abstract           Presentation           sjma@bgs.ac.uk

Three-Dimensional Visualization and Modeling at the U.S. Geological Survey: Examples and Issues
Michael Pantea, Pierre Glynn, G. Phelps, G. Bawden, and D. Soller
Abstract            Presentation          pglynn@usgs.gov

Three-Dimensional Mapping for Groundwater Applications at the Geological Survey of canada: 2011-2013 Developments
Hazen Russell and Marc Hinton
Abstract          Presentation           hrussell@nrcan.gc.ca

Development of 3D Models of Sedimentary Lithologies and Piezometric Levels to Understand Groundwater and Surface Water Flows, Lower Wairau Plain, Marlborough, New Zealand with Web and Smartphone Access to Model Data
Paul White, C. Tschritter, and P. Davidson
Abstract          Presentation          p.white@gns.cri.nz