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RPR1999-H Wisconsin Episode glacial landscape of central Illinois; a product of subglacial deformation processes? W. Hilton Johnson, Ardith K. Hansel 1999 $5.00
GB021 Wisconsinan and Sangamonian type sections of central Illinois Leaders: E. Donald McKay and Alan D. Harn ; contributors: Leon R. Follmer, Francis F. King, James E. King, Alan V. Morgan, Anne Morgan 1990 $5.00
RPR1973-N Wisconsinan climatic history interpreted from Lake Michigan lobe deposits and soils John C. Frye and H. B. Willman 1973 Out of print
C304 Wisconsinan molluscan faunas of the Illinois Valley region A. Byron Leonard, John C. Frye 1960 Out of print
GB013 Wisconsinan, Sangamonian, and Illinoian stratigraphy in central Illinois Leaders : Leon R. Follmer, E. Donald McKay, Jerry A. Lineback, David L. Gross ; contributions by : Jerry A. Lineback, Leon R. Follmer, H. B. Willman, E. Donald McKay, James E. King, Frances B. King, Norton G. Miller 1979 Buy
FTWolflake Wolf Lake geological field trip David L. Reinertsen, Philip C. Reed 1988 Buy
ANR2001 Working together: Interpreting Illinois geology : Illinois State Geological Survey annual report 2001 Illinois State Geological Survey 2001 Free + shipping
RPR1955-V X-ray diffraction criteria for the characterization of chloritic material in sediments W. F. Bradley 1955 Out of print
RPR1955-B X-ray diffraction study of rank increase in coal R. Siever 1952 Out of print
RPR1975-G X-ray fluorescence analysis of whole coal John K. Kuhn, William F. Harfst, and Neil F. Shimp 1975 Out of print
B036 Year book for 1916 : administrative report and economic geological papers Illinois State Geological Survey 1920 $5.00
B038 Year book for 1917 and 1918 : administrative report and economic and geological papers Illinois State Geological Survey 1922 Report Out of print; Plates $6.00 ea.
B004 Year-book for 1906. Illinois State Geological Survey 1907 Out of Print
B008 Year-book for 1907 Illinois State Geological Survey 1908 Report: Out of print; Map $6.00
B014 Year-book for 1908. Illinois State Geological Survey 1909 Out of print
B016 Yearbook for 1909 Illinois State Geological Survey 1910 Report Out of print
FTYorkville Yorkville area : Kendall County, Yorkville, Sandwich, Marseilles, and Morris Quadrangles George M. Wilson 1955 NA
RPR1991-T11 Zuni and Tejas sequences: Late Cretaceous through Holocene series Dennis R. Kolata, W. W. Olive 1991 $5.00


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