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RPR1972-H New gastropods from the Pleistocene of Illinois A. Byron Leonard 1972 $5.00
RPR1957-O A terrestrial gastropod fauna from Farmdale (Pleistocene) deposits in northwestern Illinois A. Byron Leonard 1957 Out of print
B056 Illinois coal : a non-technical account of its occurrence, production, and preparation A. Bement 1929 Out of print
CG1983-06 Hydrogeologic and geochemical studies of selected natural radioisotopes and barium in groundwater in Illinois Robert H. Gilkeson, Keros Cartwright, James B. Cowart, Richard B. Holtzman 1983 Buy
FTMtSterling Guide leaflet 55-B : Mt. Sterling area, Brown County, Mt. Sterling, Rushville, and Meredosia quadrangles 1955 NA
IMAP004 Number not used
OFS1990-2e Number not used
OFS1990-2h Number not used
OFS1990-6 Number not used
OFS1991-6 Number not used
OFS1996-8 Number not used
OFS1999-2 Number not used
OFS1999-3 Number not used
OFS1999-4 Number not used
OFS2004-1 Number not used
OFS2004-3 Number not used
OFS2004-4 Number not used
FTBloomington Bloomington area. 1964 Buy


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